James R

October 3, 1923 — February 4, 2003

Air Force

Theater of Operation: Pacific


Served: November 1, 1942 — October 1, 1945

Killed in Action: No

Commissioned: Select One

Prisoner of War: No

Gender: Male


Greensboro, NC,

James Rex Allred is one of four brothers who all served in World War II (Garland Howard Allred, William Boyd Allred, and Walter Lee Allred). A fifth brother, 1st Lieutenant Samuel Aaron Allred served in the Korean Conflict. Rex Allred joined the Army Air Corps in November 1942. He served for three years. He was stationed in Rapid City, South Dakota; Grand Forks, Idaho and Hawaii. Rex left the military in 1945 and established himself as an outstanding Brick Mason in Greensboro. Rex Allred was well known as a leader in Alcohol Rehabilitation in the State of North Carolina and spent more than 30 years working with AA.

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