Calvin C

May 27, 1918 —


Corps of Engineers

Theater of Operation: European


Served: June 2, 1941 — July 31, 1961

Killed in Action: No

Prisoner of War: Select One

Gender: Male


Allendale, MO,

Calvin was drafted into the Army on 2 June 1941. He received a promotion to Corporal on 1 Sep, Sergeant on 5 Sep, and Staff Sergeant on 25 Sep 1941. He was then commissioned with a promotion to 2nd Lieutenant on 10 Jun 1942 and the subsequent promotions followed: 1st Lt Feb 1943, Capt Feb 1944, Maj Aug 1945, Lt Col 1952, and Colonel 1961. Calvin participated in all five European campaigns, including Normandy, and was a member of General Eisenhower's staff in London. 12 years of his career were spent in foreign countries: England, France, Belgium, Germany, and Japan. He received ten military awards and decorations. After retirement, Calvin was the general manager of an electronics company. He is married to Carolyn J. Campbell.

This submission is honored by: Wife, Carolyn J. Campbell