William L

November 9, 1923 — January 9, 2010


BB-60 USS Alabama

Theater of Operation: Asiatic Pacific


Served: May 6, 1943 — April 24, 1946

Killed in Action: No

Commissioned: Select One

Prisoner of War: Unknown

Gender: Male


Kinsley, KS,

William (Bill) went through Boot Training along with his younger brother Neil Craft, and then both were given orders to serve aboard BB-60, USS Alabama from 9/22/43-4/24/1946. If records are correct there were 4 sets of brothers assigned to the Alabama during this same time period. They served in the Philippine Liberation and Asiatic- Pacific Campaigns through the close of the war and the treaty signing. William had an older brother Bernard (BC) Craft and another younger brother Leonard Craft that also served in the Navy. William was an electrician maintaining "electrical power to the No.3, 16" Guns". In 1967 he took his family to Mobile, Alabama for a BB-60 Crew Reunion. During this tour through the Alabama he was able to take his family members down to the area he was assigned to view the electrical boards and see where his bunk was, we found his mattress still rolled up in the corner. The Alabama Crew Members Association is doing a terrific job maintaining Dad's ship for future generations. William was called to duty just prior to completing his senior year (Class of '43) at Kinsley, KS High School, so he did not receive his diploma at that time. Through the efforts of the VFW and American Legion he was presented his diploma in May 2009 (Class of "09) during the Kinsley High School Graduation. An Honor Guard presented this long awaited diploma, which turned out to be one of the highlights of his final year of life, he passed away January 9, 2010.

This submission is honored by: Wife Merle Craft, Son Richard Craft, Daugher Linda Stewart & Families