Clara Mae

November 28, 1913 —


Food Service

Theater of Operation: USA


Served: January 1, 1943 — November 19, 1945

Killed in Action: No

Commissioned: Select One

Prisoner of War: No

Gender: Female


Kansas, Dickinson County

I joined the Navy WAVES but never saw the water. Name until retirement was Clara Mae Houtz then Mrs. Clarence Lawson. I stayed with my family on a farm between Abilene and Talmage, Kansas until I graduated from high school. Then I went to Denver, Colorado, to find work. I looked for whatever paid the most with the best hours. I left the Denver Munitions plant to enlist. After boot camp, I was stationed at WAVE quarters D near the Pentagon. The officers ate at our area. I trained as a baker and retired as a second class baker. I returned to Denver where with the help of the GI Bill, I enrolled at Denver University. Following graduation, I was hired as a home extension agent in Thayer County, Nebraska. I stayed there until I retired.

This submission is honored by: American Legion Post #180 of Hebron, Nebraska