Jack P

February 22, 1925 —


USS Decker

Theater of Operation: Atlantic/Mediterranean


Served: July 1, 1943 — March 1, 1946

Killed in Action: No

Prisoner of War: Select One

Gender: Male


Hamlet, NC,

Jack was born in Hamlet, North Carolina in February 22, 1925. He attended Hamlet High School until 11th grade and then attended Fishburne Military Academy. He also attended the University of North Carolina. He joined the Navy in July of 1943 and was discharged in March of 1946. While in the Navy, Jack served aboard the "USS Decker", a Destroyer Escort, from August 1943 to March 1946. During that time, he was stationed in the Mediterranean and visited such ports as Sicily, Tunisia, Medina, and ports along the coast of East Africa. Later in 1946, he returned to his hometown of Hamlet, North Carolina, where he worked in the family business "Carroll Saw Services". Jack is the owner and manager of the business. This unique business is the only place in North Carolina that repairs and manufactures the large circular saws used in the timber business.

This submission is honored by: The Carroll Family