April 1, 1920 —


41st Signal Corps

Theater of Operation: Pacific


Served: March 13, 1942 — May 13, 1945

Killed in Action: No

Prisoner of War: Select One

Gender: Male


Downs, KS,

Lloyd Boxum entered the U.S. Army in March, 1942. After basic training at Camp Crowder, MO, he was assigned to the 41st Division, 41st Signal Corp. He shipped out for the Pacific in July 1942, leaving San Francisco for Australia, From Australia, Lloyd went to New Guinea and participated in numerous campaigns including 13 beach landings. Extremely difficult jungle conditions, equatorial heat and humidity, daily rain, mud, and mosquito infested swamps made New Guinea some of the most difficult fighting of the entire Pacific Theatre. One of the most difficult encounters with the Japanese for the 41st Division was the island of Biak, which became known to the troops as "Bloody Biak." Along with many of his army buddies, Lloyd suffered from malaria several times during this period. From New Guinea he continued with the 41st Division, the "Jungleers," as part of MacArthur's Army and the liberation of the Philippine Islands. He returned to the states in May of 1945. He received an Honorable Discharge and numerous medals. Married to June Cary on June 17, 1945, together they raised a family of four. Both members in good standing of the "Greatest Generation." Respected and loved by all. Dad and Mom, we love ya.

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