William Andrew

May 7, 1926 — July 22, 2020



Theater of Operation: Pacific


Served: September 9, 1943 — April 15, 1946

Killed in Action: No

Commissioned: Enlisted

Highest Rank: Signalman 2nd Class

Prisoner of War: No

Gender: Male


NY, Watertown

Home During Service

NY, Watertown

My father was a senior in high school when he asked his father if he could enlist. His father said, "Sure, Billy, as soon as you graduate." That's exactly what he did. He was a Signalman 2nd class on LSM 13, which displayed a Black Cat on its bow, drawn by Walt Disney, as a favor to a female in his employ who was dating a sailor on LSM13. He also boasts that his ship was in the Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945, and he witnessed the signing of the armistice on the USS Missouri from his perch on his ship.

This submission is honored by: Diane Wiley Bower, daughter